This story was originally published @3/26/2020, 4:18:00 AM and last updated @10/1/2020, 11:05:00 PM.
Google Play Pass, a program that gives subscribers no-charge, ad-free access to premium apps and apps with premium features, launched last year with over 350 titles on its roster. Thing is, though, Google doesn't make it easy to suss out all of the apps participating in the program, whether through the Play Store or external documentation on associated Google sites. Great. Well, guess what? We're gonna give it a try and list as many apps participating in Play Pass as we can.
We sorted through all the initial titles listed in each app and game category showcased in the Play Pass tab of the Play Store and were able to find 251 of the apps available. Some apps, such as Tasker, aren't listed in the tab, but do have the Play Pass icon attached to their listings, so we're still on a "be on the lookout" mission for those remaining apps as with new apps coming into the program. Also, don't be surprised to see some duplicate titles, perhaps for generic games or apps — some of them come from different publishers!
Our markdown process continues on through 2020 as new apps are added on — we update this list every 2 weeks, give or take. If you spot an app on Play Pass that we haven't listed, perhaps has a new name, is about to be taken off the program, or are a publisher who has an app in the program, get in touch with me at and we'll bring it on!